1. Sarah Mapes avatar

    Kelsea, I can't thank you enough for writing unapologetically because not only is it amazing but it's so relatable because I'm in a relationship that makes me happy and I'm also very unapologetically in love. Also I'm super excited for the album unapologetically to come out. You better tour near Maryland for the Unapologetically tour because I'm not sure if I'll have the money to travel lol but...

  2. Ashley McNeil avatar

    I'm SO excited to pre-order Unapologetically TOMORROW. Word on the street is we get two new songs with the pre-order, so it's definitely worth it! The full track list is now out, and it's incredible. I love how it tells a story. It's literally in order with the story, and the phases. 1) Graveyard - Like the death after the relationship. 2) Miss Me More - I miss you, but I miss me...

  3. Christina Prater avatar

    I am so loving the little clips that we get to hear of Kelsea's new album! I can't wait till Friday to pre-order it! I am so ready for this new era but then again Im not ready because I am sure it will blow us away!! Love you Kels, mean it

  4. krector555 avatar

    Who's excited for Unapologetically to come out?? It is available for preorder on Friday and I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear what Kelsea has been working so hard on! So far my favorites would have to be Machine Heart, Get Over Yourself and End of The World. However, I'm sure I'll love all of the songs! I hope she does a tour later on this year because I wasn't able to see her at WeFest...

  5. AngelinaloveKB_TS avatar

    86 days!!!

  6. jjessicajohnson avatar

    I only have ONE MORE DAY until I'm flying out to Boston (1413 miles) for the sole purpose of meeting my best friend Rachel to go see Kelsea in concert together! I can't believe I'm yet again going on another flight to travel the country to meet one of my favorite humans- miss Kelsea Ballerini. I've been picking up extra 8 hour shift at work in order to save up for this, some days even...

  7. graceloveskelsea avatar

    Kelsea please come back to Florida when you tour again we miss you !! I'm also so thankful you came to Florida and got to meet you !! Comment below if you want kelsea to come back to Florida !!

  8. Seiarra96 avatar

    Hi!!! Does anyone have any extra premium legendary vip experiences?! I am dying to meet Kelsea and I was waiting until I could afford it but now they are sold out and they've already restocked once so I doubt they will again. I already have tickets to the show, just really really want to meet Kelsea! If anyone can help, thank you!

  9. brittney iadarola avatar

    Hey guys, my name is Brittney, I am from South Florida. I just joined this fan page. I just seen Kelsey in concert last Saturday the 29th!! It was such an awesome concert. I can't wait to see her again! Lets be friends!!

  10. Ashley Goodman avatar

    Hey guys!! I am Ashley from Chicago IL. I am 24 years old. I just ordered Kelsea's Legend jacket. I can't wait to get it!! Kelsea has inspired me so much. I am going to her concert on August 19th and I couldn't be more excited. I wanted to meet her but it is now sold out. So now I have to wait until next year! I am new to this fan club so let's be friends! :)


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