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    Well I’m sad that show got moved back last night but I’m am still in Ohio but the greatest news that I can see her in June in Detroit Michigan this summer since I don’t go In April because I have school and maybe I can get vip.

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    I’m so happy that the legends got Kelsea to number one with her 5th radio hit Legends! Thanks to all the radio crew that played our queens song she was able to not only get a number one on country airplay but also on billboard! Kels is the first female in decades to have her debut single from her first two albums to go NUMBER 1! I am a proud proud legend.

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    Seeing Kels for the 4th time on Friday and I'm so excited!! The tour looks so amazing and I can't wait.

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    I'm trying to figure out the ticket buying process. If I have two General Admission tickets in my cart but it doesn't have a seat assigned, does this mean it's in the pit? I'm wanting to make sure before I purchase them! I'm dumb to all of this so help?? Thanks!


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