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    Helloooo beautiful people! We have a new fan of the week... please give it up for HOCKEYGIRL11ERIN Everyone's entries for last week definitely brought a few tears to my eyes... moms are the best aren't they?? We're looking for the next #KBFANOFTHEWEEK, so make sure to enter HERE xoxo

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    Okay friends. It's time to get serious! The CMT awards are COMPLETELY fan voted. This being said, we need to step up and win some awards for Kelsea. She is one of the most nominated artists up for FOUR. What we do determines her success. SO NOW THAT I'VE GRABBED YOUR ATTENTION, HERE'S HOW WE CAN GET 'ER DONE. The first three awards, you may vote ONCE. It's quick, it's easy. A...

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    Drum roll please This week's #KBFANOFTHEWEEK is LESLIE_1313 ! Here's how she said she'll be watching the BBMAs this weekend: I will be watching with my sisters (we are TRIPLETS)!!! We watch every award show together (obviously cheering for Kelsea) and we will definitely be watching with chips and dip and some sort of ice cold drink haha :) Love ya and best of luck girl...

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    Hi guys!! I love meeting new friends. I figured it would be cool to have a blog post where everyone can share their social media handles and connect with other fans!