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    Hey guys! So as some of you know, Jenna and I have this Twitter account here ! Most of you know about it because you're all awesome and help us out with fun posts and edits and everything (which we LOVE, by the way). We've only been using it for a few weeks, and the response has been INCREDIBLE so we wanted to do a contest for merch from the store, VIP merch, and even a rare radio...

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    It's less than 3 weeks away now and I really can't wait! It's definitely the highlight of my year so far. I'm just wondering if there's many people on here that are going?

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    Can someone tell me how the passport works that you received with your fan club membership. We are seeing Kelsea Saturday and would like some information/help with this please.

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    Anyone else here going to the Nashville shows? I'm going to both and the Oort Tuesday 4/25. It's my first time in Nashville so I don't know much! I would love to know any good places to get coffee, eat or shop! Looking for new boots- heard there are better prices at the mall- truth?? If anyone wants to meet up before either of the shows let me know!!


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