1. Christina Prater avatar

    SO EXCITED to be able to go see Kelsea in Knoxville next weekend!!!

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    Showing some love for our #KBLegendOfTheWeek, Mariah D This week's challenge is up now! Head here .

  3. Fabia Kuller avatar

    Hey Legends! Today it’s been a week since I saw Kelsea in Amsterdam! It was my first time seeing her live after supporting her for so long and I had been counting down the days since over 100 were left. I was so happy that I finally got the chance to see my favorite artist & idol. I could finally stand in the crowd and sing (or scream :D) along to my favorite songs instead of just...

  4. Jenny Gossard avatar

    What songs are you most looking forward to hear from "Unapologetically" album when it releases?! Only 1 month away y'all until it comes out!! SO EXCITED!!

  5. eddie121 avatar

    So my friend has three daughters and two of them are all graduated but one the last three is about to step out into the world after June of 2018, my best friend Stephanie is about to do just that watching her grow up and now Kelsea recording "High School" onto her next album is a big plus. I sent Kelsea's song to her dad he said he'd show it to her, I am so in love with this song, some people...

  6. katieamanda avatar

    Hey y' I made a blog awhile back about wanting to create a Kelsea Ballerina podcast. I've wanted to do this for about a year now, maybe longer, but time has always been a concern of mine between teaching full time and grad school and finding commonality between people to get a podcast going just seemed like it wouldn't work out at all. I put the dream on the back burner...

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    Congrats to our latest #KBLegendOfTheWeek, oliviaa_w ! She shared her pre-order of "Unapologetically" here . New #KBLegendOfTheWeek is up now here ! Good luck

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    Hope your day is filled with love, happiness and great food, Kelsea!! 24 will be another special year for you and I can't wait to see all the amazing things that are about to happen! I'm unapologetically excited ;) Thanks for being the nicest person on this planet and being a role model to so many. I did a little edit for Kelsea's birthday including some of the many special moments in her...

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    Thank you everyone for sharing their fav LEGENDS lyric! Our latest #KBLegendOfTheWeek is Melissa Amy ! Make sure to show her some love This week's #KBLegendOfTheWeek is here! Click here to enter . Good luck! And happy birthday Kelsea!

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    Hey guys, I will see Kelsea in Amsterdam in exactly 3 weeks! I'm so excited for this day!!! I really hope she will at a possibility to meet her...that would be awesome! Can anybody tell me how long is her part at the show? Thanks all of ya!!


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