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James Brown Arena
601 7th Street
Augusta , GA 30901
Apr. 27, 2019 @ Time TBA
  1. KassiJ avatar

    I'm guessing VIP tickets are no longer available?! I brought my oldest daughter for her 10th birthday (last year) to meet Kelsea and it is STILL the best day of her life lol. Kelsea is sooo amazing and such an amazing inspiration for young girls. She was so sweet to my Molli and when she sang her happy birthday, Molli cried because she made her feel THAT special. I was hoping to bring my youngest (she's turning 7) for this VIP tour like her big sissy. KaileeAnn begged to go when Kelsea came back to GA. Both girls and I know ALL lyrics to all songs and we just love Kelsea soooo much! Please let me know if there is another website or another way possible to let my sweet girl meet her idol!

  2. MelissaH avatar

    My daughter Haley and I have been huge fans of yours. I have always sang your songs with Karaoke , and my daughter is really good but she has been bullied a lot in school because she is pretty and has a lot going for her but it has brought her self esteem down. we are coming to see you and Brett in Augusta, GA and it would mean the world to me since we don't have much family bc everyone has passed, that is my birthday week and we would love to meet you. I recently talked to Mona and the Band which opened up for Daughtry and they loved Haley. we are planning on moving to Nashville one day soon but maybe you could get her out of her shell. she can sing like a bird, and just like Kelly Clarkson in a way. It has just been the two of us since we left her dad at 18 months and he has never been in her life. I wish someone could bring her self esteem up. We love you and idol you and will be in front of you that night.. We could only get VIP with Brett but maybe we will be able to meet you too. it would really mean a lot to her and me. keep up the great work bc you have came far in so little time and I know she could too. she is just in a shell that needs to get out, we did get your other package though. and join the fan club. Much love, Melissa

  3. savsch avatar

    Are VIP tickets available? I keep getting an error.

  4. Islesfan avatar

    Have VIP tickets for this show sold out already? Link to buy them not available when I click on it. Can anyone help?

  5. Carly Smith avatar

    Ahhh! Just got meet and greet tickets!! My daughter loooooves You Kelsea! She's going to flip out once she find out!!

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