1. Romina avatar

    Hi kelsea,I'm so happy that your nomination for four awards.My biggest dream is to meet you someday,I love your music your my idol my inspiration,I really hope that you would win all those four awards love you kelsea????????.

  2. RickJr24488835 avatar

    Hey kelsea ballerini I really want to meet you so bad I am a good hearted man and I love you and your music I pray we meet soon I have autism and depression I have been fighting my whole life too I really want to meet you soon kels I pray we meet sometime I'm trying to get my YouTube going and I want to play guitar soon too kels think of me I'll think of you I always do. Rick Mosher Jr.

  3. Arthur avatar

    I figured you would your an amazing singer and i need your help i want to be a singer all my nieghbors and friends and family said i should i just need help from someone like you

  4. Ron Brown avatar

    Hi Kelsea I'm learning to play the Guitar and I was wondering if there was a to get one of your concert played guitar pics!That would be awesome to use in my practice sessions! Thanks your # 1 fan in California! Ron Brown