Exclusive #KBLegends Phone Wallpaper!
Aug. 29, 2017

Exclusive #KBLegends Phone Wallpaper!

Kelsea has created some super exclusive and fun #KBLegends phone backgrounds... JUST for her fan club! Join the #KBLegends NOW to get yours, available for both iPhone and Android. Don’t forget to share photos of your cute new wallpapers on socials! http://bit.ly/kelseafanclub


  1. Shelby242 avatar

    I was wondering how you get the wallpaper for your iPhone I would love to get them for my phone Kelsea your awesome and I saw you in concert at blossom in Cleveland Ohio you are definitely my role model keep doing what you do

  2. Cristina contreras avatar

    Love you Kelsea!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Romina avatar

    Can't wait ???? your my idol kelsea ballerini

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