1. Kelesa fan 4 ever avatar

    I can’t believe that I am seeing you in Ohio

  2. Kelesa fan 4 ever avatar

    See you in February on Ohio

  3. Micheline Pasinella avatar

    can’t wait to meet you at the new jersey show!!

  4. Shamit Patel avatar

    No Vegas dates? I'm depressed.

  5. Jordan777 avatar

    I can't wait!!

  6. Lorirusso avatar

    I am so upset to I didn't get my presale and my computer was acting up. The axs website wouldn't work and by the time I get everything working and got my code and the M&G VIP was sold out for NJ. I promised my 11 year I would get her M&G for Kelsea next time she toured in NJ. It was going to be her Christmas present. Not only am I heartbroken but she is going to be devastated:-( I am beside myself.

    I contacted wonderful union and CID entertainment to see if she will be adding more dates in Delaware, Maryland, Philly or CT that I can take. My daughter idol is Kelsea and I'm proud that she has an idol like Kelsea and this kills me. Kelsea please add more dates or please tour in larger venues.

    Your more larger than you think and you can fill the larger venue, not only does my daughter love you but so do I. I think your fun, adorable and I love your music.


  7. Julie Kuo avatar

    How is it possible that all VIPs are sold out after 1 day?? I just joined the fanclub in hopes I could score my 12 year old niece a VIP meet & greet for the Starland or Playstation dates and they are all gone!! How am I going to explain this to my niece? She'll be crushed!!! :(

  8. Hannah Gordon avatar

    The pre sale code isn't appearing in my dashboard. Any advice?

  9. bigworm6917 avatar

    To find the pre-sale code click on the 3 bars in the top right of the website. Then click on account and scroll down till you see external codes it's right there. Hope this helps. Good luck y'all

  10. Lindsey Wallwin avatar

    Where is the presale code?!