Unapologetically is here!
Nov. 03, 2017

Unapologetically is here!

It’s here! Kelsea’s much-anticipated sophomore album, 'Unapologetically,” is available now! Produced by Forest Glen Whitehead and Jason Massey – in addition to Shane McAnally, Lindsay Rimes, and Jimmy Robbins on select tracks – Unapologetically spotlights 12 songs written or co-written by Kelsea. Penned with “blood, sweat, and heartbeats,” the successor to her critically acclaimed, GOLD-certified “The First Time,” exposes the intimate journey of loss, life, and love that Kelsea has experienced since her history-making debut album.


“’UNAPOLOGETICALLY’ means leading with your heart, trusting it, following it and not letting other people’s opinions sway it,” Kelsea reveals. “From heartbreak to finding the love of my life and embracing the ‘in-between’ – this album is all in order, just like it happened. Life, loss, love… this is my story, unapologetically.”

Get your copy today: http://hyperurl.co/KelseaBallerini

  1. CJam avatar

    Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Cant Stop listening to it!!!!!!!

  2. Owlcat5127 avatar

    Can't stop listening to album. I am obsessed.

  3. Micheline Pasinella avatar

    best album of all time. it’s been on repeat and i’m obsessed. ??

  4. Lorirusso avatar

    I finally got to listen to the whole album and I love it. So many great songs

  5. Rileigh Johnston avatar

    OMG!!! I am in LOVEEE...!! with the new album its the best yet Kelsea Ballerini!!

  6. Ashley Carson avatar

    Amazing album. The first track “Graveyard” is not the typical first track on an album; left me with goosebumps! Totally relatable on an entirely different level. Awesome job, keep it up!

  7. Mariah D avatar

    beyond proud of you. you put so much work into this album & it's perfect!!! love it kels! ????

  8. Ally LaMarca avatar

    so amazing...so proud!! totally obsessed w this album!

  9. Lorirusso avatar

    I love your new album. You should be so proud. Can you please add more tour dates and cities/towns, I'm heartbroken that I wasn't able to get VIP M&G for my 11 year old. She wants to meet you so bad your her idol and I couldn't be more proud of her choice.
    thank you for being so adorable and putting out great music and being such a wonderful role model for young girls

  10. Nya avatar

    It's amazing, I love every single song! #KB2 #Legend #Love #Unapologetically

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