#12DaysOfKelsea Giveaway!
Dec. 12, 2017

#12DaysOfKelsea Giveaway!

Legends! Kelsea wants to wish you all a very happy holiday by giving away a special present each day for the next 12 days as part of her #12DaysOfKelsea giveaway! Join the #KBLegends today for your chance to win concert tickets, a Legends jacket and more ✨ http://bit.ly/kelseafanclub

  1. Alice Nelson avatar

    My favorite song is Miss me more !!!

  2. Eadam avatar

    I Hate Love Songs is my favorite song!!

  3. MadisonDan avatar

    Wish you were performing in Madison, Wisconsin but Milwaukee will be just fine. XO Dan Ewers

  4. maddieerdman_ avatar

    I would love to see you in Milwaukee, Wi! <3

  5. maddieerdman_ avatar

    I would love to see you in Milwaukee, Wi! ????????????

  6. Andrea H avatar

    What a great giveaway! I've never seen you in concert. Richmond, VA is closest to me. My cousin and I would love to attend that show. Merry Christmas, KB!

  7. Nkky1169 avatar

    Yes.....please please please! I want to bring my 3 year old daughter. She’s your #1 fan!

  8. Bao avatar

    I would love to attend the show in Richmond,VA!

  9. Ella Marie avatar

    I would love to meet you and go to a concert! I live in Princeton Tx. about 45 minuets away from Arlington Tx.
    I live for you very day! I love you so much Kelsea N. Ballerini! There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't listen to all of your albums! I know all of your songs by heart! I'm #UNAPOLOIGETICALLY in love with you! You're a #LEGEND.

  10. Britty22 avatar

    Pick me...choose me...love me! From,pauma valley,ca

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