Meet & Greet Photos From The #KB2Tour
Mar. 27, 2018

Meet & Greet Photos From The #KB2Tour

Legends! Looking for your Meet & Greet photos from The Unapologetically Tour? You should have received a card during your VIP experience that has all the info on where to find them. Misplaced your card? Follow the link below to find your photos.

Thanks for coming to the show - be sure to post your photos with the hashtag #KB2Tour so Kelsea can see!

  1. RoundeRx54 avatar

    Taking my daughter for her 8th birthday to the Santa Barbara show but the Meet & Greet experience is sold out. Is there any way to sell us one more ticket?

  2. Lorirusso avatar

    My 11 year old wants to meet Kelsea so bad. It breaks my heart that I couldn’t get a meet and greet for next weeks show in NYC:-(

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