Feb. 04, 2019

Win Tickets and Meet & Greets to the Meaning of Life Tour

Win tickets and meet & greet passes to see Kelsea on the Meaning of Life Tour with Kelly Clarkson! Enter here: tnspk.co/iPYIWFs -Team KB

  1. Peitynsmom avatar

    My 7 year old absolutely loves Kelsea!! Going to Oklahoma show would love for her to be able to meet her!!

  2. Byrdie avatar

    I’m literally about to cry at the thought of it. I got to take my daughter to the KnoxVille homecoming event where we stood in line in the freezing cold for 6 hours just to be next to the stage. Yes, She (well, We) loves Kelsea that much!! I just love that they are doing this kind of contest ??

  3. Brit43 avatar

    Tickets and meet n greets at any show? AWESOME!

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