Win Tickets and Meet & Greets to the Meaning of Life Tour
Feb. 04, 2019

Win Tickets and Meet & Greets to the Meaning of Life Tour

Win tickets and meet & greet passes to see Kelsea on the Meaning of Life Tour with Kelly Clarkson! Enter here: -Team KB

  1. MelissaH avatar

    I am coming to see you kelsea in Augusta, Ga with my daughter . We try to get meet and greet that cam really sing, she is just in a shell due to her self esteem. Tried to get VIP for you but they were sold out. Maybe we can win a contest and win a meet and greet that way. It would mean the world since we dont have much family and her dad hasn't been in her life since she was 18 months old. She is now going on 16 and has a great voice. I doubt we can make it to see you and Kelly which would be awesome, but we will definitely see you in Augusta , GA. And my birthday will be that week also. Her name is Haley and she the best thing tha th ever happened to me in my life coming from an abused family. Much love to you.. and tell Kelly she is still great also. Big fans of both of you. Haley adores yall

  2. SarahsMom avatar

    Hi Kelsea,
    I’m taking my 8 year old daughter, Sarah, to the show in Baltimore on 3/16! It’s her first concert ever!! You and Kelly Clarkson happened to be two of the artists she first loved and sang along to every time we listened in the car! How perfect that she gets to see you both for her first show! We are beyond excited, and we are crossing our fingers to win meet and greet tickets to make her concert dreams come true!!

  3. Kelseaforeverfan avatar

    Hey kelsea! I am such a big fan I will be going to see you this Thursday, 21st at little Caesar’s arena!! I seen that the vip pass contest ended but I have loved you since your first song!!! I cannot wait to see you rock the show from row 18.

  4. Brit43 avatar

    The show in St Louis would be Awesome to win.....Happy "early (the 27th)"Birthday to me!

  5. Peitynsmom avatar

    My 7 year old absolutely loves Kelsea!! Going to Oklahoma show would love for her to be able to meet her!!

  6. Byrdie avatar

    I’m literally about to cry at the thought of it. I got to take my daughter to the KnoxVille homecoming event where we stood in line in the freezing cold for 6 hours just to be next to the stage. Yes, She (well, We) loves Kelsea that much!! I just love that they are doing this kind of contest ??

  7. Brit43 avatar

    Tickets and meet n greets at any show? AWESOME!

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