The First Time

The First Time

The First Time Tracks

  1. You might be, sittin’ here holdin’ my hand
    You might be, actin’ like you’re my man
    While we listen to the cover band, thinkin’ you’re a rock star
    Singin’ my favorite song
    Tryna’ cover up the fact that the girl from your past hasn’t been here all along

    You’re still in love with your XO
    And I ain’t wanna be nobody’s second best no
    Stop holdin’ on to me when the truth is you can’t let go
    I think we both know
    I’m lookin’ in your eyes and I can see just what you’re doin’
    Baby I’m the one you’re losin’, you can’t help but you keep choosin’ Your XO

    well, I might be platinum blonde, but I ain’t dumb
    Baby I see, you’re here with me but you ain’t moved on
    I’m sittin’ in the middle of a flame still burnin’ And boy I ain’t your match
    You can stop all the pretendin’ ‘cause when this night’s endin’ You’re still gonna want her back
  2. Peter Pan

    The smile, the charm, the words, the spark Everything you had it
    guess I had a naive heart
    ‘Cause boy, I let you have it, you said I was your only
    Never thought you’d leave me lonely
    You’re just a lost boy With your head up in the clouds
    You’re just a lost boy Never keep your feet on the ground

    Always gonna fly away Just because you know you can
    Never gonna learn there’s No such place as Neverland
    You don’t understand
    you’ll never grow up
    You’re never gonna be a man
    Peter Pan

    Deep down I knew that you were too good to be true
    But every piece and part of me wanted to believe in you
    Now it’s happily ever never, I guess now I know better
    You’re just a lost boy With your head up in the clouds
    You’re just a lost boy Never keep your feet on the ground

    you’re just a lost boy
    yeah, I know who you are
    you’re just a lost boy
    you’re too busy chasing stars
  3. Love Me Like You Mean It

    Oh, hey, boy with your hat back
    Mmm, I kinda like that
    If you wanna walk my way, Imma shoot you straight up
    Show me what you’re made of
    I don’t have time to waste on the boys That are playing the games Of leavin’ the girls cryin’ out in the rain
    So tell me, baby, do you got what it takes?

    If you’re gonna hold me, hold me like I’m leaving
    If you’re gonna kiss me, kiss me like you need it
    Baby, if you’re not your best get to leaving
    If you’re gonna love me, love me like you mean it
    If you’re gonna talk the talk you better walk it
    If you wanna keep me, keep me like you lost it
    If you’re gonna say it, make me believe it
    If you’re gonna love me, boy
    Love me like you mean it, yeah

    Oh, hey, I’ve had my share of losers, liars and users Looking for a heart to break
    So if you’re like that, well, take a step back
    ‘Cause I don’t have time to waste on the boys That are playing the games Of leavin’
    the girls cryin’ out in the rain
    So tell me, baby, are you just crazy or crazy over me?
  4. Square Pegs

    What if we were all the same, same rules, same game And we weren’t allowed to change anything about anything that anybody’s ever done before
    Wouldn’t that be boring? Yeah
    All spinning on a ride, all walking on a line that they drew a long time ago, and you know that you don’t have to go where they go
    You can go write your own story
    Hey! Hey you gotta be, who you oughta be
    So who do you wanna be? Oh

    You can choose if you’re bad, if you’re good, if you’re left or right
    Speaking your heart or speaking your mind
    You can be what they say, you can be a cliché, you can tear up the box and throw it away
    Everybody gotta be
    themselves, Everybody gotta dream out loud, Everybody gotta be themselves
    Square pegs make the world go ‘round

    There’s a lot of open doors you can go and explore, you can always open more if you’re hitting a wall, dropping the ball Haven’t we all been down that same hallway?
    So let ‘em talk and whisper, let ‘em try to fix you repaint your picture At the end of the day, it fits in your frame
    Just ‘cause you’re different don’t mean you’re crazy
    Hey, Hey you gotta sing, like nobody’s listening ‘Cause somebody’s listening, oh
  5. First Time

    I put on my makeup, sprayed my perfume
    Sat on the front porch, waitin’ on you
    Said we would catch up ‘cause it had been awhile
    I hate to admit it, but my hands are shakin’
    Barely breathin’, heart is racin’
    Looks like feelings don’t always change their minds
    You never called, never showed up
    Guess some things never change
    And just like livin’ in a flashback You’re letting me down again

    That’s why the past should be the past
    Far behind, back of mind, out of the way
    Let the memories burn and crash ‘Cause sitting here looking at the driveway is just tearing my heart back in half Like nothing’s changed except the time that’s passed
    And that’s why goodbye should mean goodbye
    The first time

    I should know better, i hate that i still cry
    Looking like a fool here watching for headlights And kicking myself for believing in you again
    I bet you’re out drinking with a new blonde And telling her whatever’s playing is her song
    And helpin’ her up into your chevy instead
    Even when you don’t have me You can still be the one to hurt me
    It must feel good to know I’m still holdin’ on to letting go
  6. Looking at Stars

    The night is young and so are we So what you say we go and see it all for ourselves, yeah, yeah
    There’s a spot i know down the road we can go Only me and you and no one else, yeah, yeah
    I ain’t looking for a crowd, another night on the town
    I want a one-way ticket where the creek and the crickets are the only sound

    So baby, pick me up, i’ll be in the drive
    Take me where the moon’s hanging in the sky
    We can park it by the river Get out and throw the tailgate down, down, down
    You can steal a kiss, maybe even two
    Only the truck and the trees gonna see what we do
    All i wanna be is wrapped in your arms Laying in the dark looking at stars

    We can rename constellations while we’re making wishes Don’t it make you feel so small, yeah, yeah
    We can talk about forever for a minute maybe never just kiss And say nothing at all, yeah, yeah
    Baby, hurry up and get here So we can disappear
    The clouds are breaking, don’t keep me waiting, Never seen a night this clear
  7. Sirens

    Well, your reputation beat you to this little town
    Like breaking news of the devastation that you left behind
    Well, I ain’t scared of a little rain and I watched that spinning weathervane
    I guess I just ain’t the running kind

    Ooh, ooh They all watched from windows As I ran that dark cloud down

    Knew you were nothing but trouble, baby
    and I’ve been sifting through the rubble lately
    Should’ve listened to the, I should’ve listened to the, ooh
    Wanted to dance in the eye of danger Knowing good and well I’d regret it later
    I should’ve listened to the, I should’ve listened to the, ooh
    Warning lights were flashing like lightning
    Should’ve listened to the, I should’ve listened to the sirens...

    Well I let you crumble every wall With your hell as hard as a cannon ball
    ‘Cause I like the risk that’s in your reckless touch
    And I’ve always had a weakness for a terrible and twisted storm
    ‘Cause your kiss is an adrenaline... rush...

    Ooh, ooh I knew what I was chasing When I ran that dark cloud down

    Maybe I’ll know better the next time I hear that, ooh, ooh
    Should’ve listened to the, ooh, yeah
  8. Secondhand Smoke

    Sometimes you could hear a pin drop Or the ticking of the clock
    Between the surface conversation No matter what they were saying They never talked, mmm
    Sometimes I would hear ‘em screamin’ When they thought that I was sleepin’
    They’d just fight about whatever I don’t know if they ever had a reason
    Am I the product of a problem that I couldn’t change? Got his eyes, got her hair, so do I get their mistakes?

    I know that you can’t walk across a bridge That’s already burned, so what am I supposed to do? I can’t help that they chose to breathe it in
    But I don’t wanna choke On that secondhand smoke

    Sometimes I hear myself saying Hand-me-down words
    It’s so easy to forget That he ain’t him, and I ain’t her
    And when I think fighting has to end in a goodbye I wanna prove me wrong But I’m scared I’ll prove me right ‘cause

    Will I be better, find forever Be the one to shake the habit
    Break away from broken things And rise above the ashes
  9. I know everybody wants you, that ain’t no secret
    Hey baby what’s your status, and tell me are you tryin’ to keep it?
    Well they can all back off, ‘cause I know what I want
    And while I got your attention, did I mention?

    If you got a kiss on your lips that you’re lookin’ for somebody to take (Hey!)
    If you got a heart that ain’t afraid to love, ain’t afraid to break (Hey!)
    If you got a Friday night free and a shotgun seat Well I’m just sayin’ I ain’t got nowhere to be
    So baby I’ll take whatever it is you got to give
    Yeah, I’m callin’ dibs On your lips, on your kiss, On your time
    Boy I’m callin’ dibs On your hand, on your heart, All mine

    Make everybody jealous, when I take you off the market
    Get my lipstick on your right cheek, ‘cause boy I gotta mark it, ooh
    So they can all back off, ‘cause I know what I want
    And while I got ya listenin’, c’mon and show me what I’m missin’, yeah
  10. Stilettos

    Go ahead and say what you’re gonna say, Give it to me straight don’t sugar coat it
    Go ahead and do what you’re gonna do, We’re already done I already know it
    So you can take your new blonde out to get your drink on For everyone to see
    But you don’t get to get to me

    I wear my pain like my stilettos As bad as it may hurt, no, you’ll never know
    I keep walking with my head up putting on a show And frontin’ like nothing is wrong
    I talk the talk like I’m a tough girl ‘Cause there ain’t room for weakness in a rough world That keeps saying you’re never enough girl, yeah
    When you get burned you learn to be strong
    I wear my pain like my stilettos

    I ain’t stayin’ down tonight I’m goin’ out, yeah, even if I have to fake it
    A little black dress to cover my mess so you won’t know my heart is breakin’
    I pull myself together from the fallout of forever for everyone to see
    oh You don’t get to get to me
  11. Yeah Boy

    Captured my attention make my heart stop and listen when you look my way
    Blue jeans and a ball cap thinking that you’re all that and i’m thinking the same
    You got that something in your eyes, i think about it all the time
    If you ever wonder if i wanna make you mine...

    Yeah boy, I’m digging what you’re doing
    Yeah boy, I’m trying to keep it cool but you’re making it hard I’m wishing your arms were wrapping me up tight
    Yeah boy, you shine and you can’t even help it
    Yeah boy, your eyes could make the moon jealous
    And if you wanna know if I wanna be your girl tonight...Yeah boy

    Every song that’s playing gets me thinking about you baby and the way you roll
    So let’s put down the drop top
    burn a little blacktop off of that road
    Baby, what we waiting on, the stars are out the night is young
    If you wanna know if i wanna go and get gone...

    Yeah boy, i wanna take a little ride with you
    Yeah boy, i wanna spend a little time with you
    Yeah boy, i wanna sip a little wine with you…
  12. Underage

    Young, all we ever think about is fun
    All we ever wanna be is 21
    Hey, doesn’t everyone wanna sit on top of the world?
    Revolves around athletic boys and girls
    Dressed up in their older sisters’ clothes
    R. Kelly on the radio, screaming out…this will never get old

    Racing cars and breaking hearts, first taste of love and twist off wine
    Kissing strangers,
    daring danger, burning bridges, crossing lines
    You don’t think to take it slow When you don’t know what you don’t know
    Nights are young and our IDs are fake
    Underage, Underage

    Time, feels like it’s always on our side
    So we fill it up with midnight drives and lies To your momma when she asks you where you’ve been
    And you hide your smile and say anywhere but with him
    ‘Cause you know when she was seventeen she was doing the same damn thing

    Every light is sayin’ go
    When you don’t know what you don’t know
    The kind of days that are “those were the days”
    Underage, Underage